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Pro hairstylist Lasse’s work for Costume shot by Olivia Frølich

Hola. As you know I was in LA last week, and got to spend a lot of time with hairstylist Lasse Pedersen.
Lasse and I go a Looong way back, we actually started assisting the at the same time, and that?s like 10 years ago now!

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Lasse him self, now we also share the same agent.

I asked Lasse to share 3 hair products/tools he’d never go to work without. Here?s is what he said:

I swear by Tresseme?s Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo. I use it for when I need a little grip in the hair, so it?s easier to work with. Of course I?ll also use it when a models comes to work with greasy hair or when I want a matte finish.10129915

Get it here.

Maison Pearson Brushes has been a staple in my pro kit since day one. Simply because they?re the best. I use them in different sizes and hair texture depending on the hair I?m working on. I mostly use the mixed BN (bristle and nylon) versions, and very often in the medium size called Junior. They work just as great as a boar bristle hair brush. But when on set I love having the smallest one called pocket size it’s handy and so

Get them here.

I?m very often get asked to create all sorts of wavy hair textures, my go to hair tool for this, is the Waving Wand from Cloud Nine. This is a big sized wand which I wrap small or larger sections of hair around to make movement and waves. I use it to make any kind of look from natural beach hair to more glamorous, big Victoria Secret?s hair.51CPGf+V-+L._SX425_Get it here.

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I just LOVE this hair texture! Lasse’s work for Cover, shot by Rasmus Skousen.

Well that’s all folks, now you know what you need for amazing pro looking hairstyles!

Love Marie

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