I got myself quite a little Anastasia Beverly HIlls collection now.


It wasn?t until l recently I discovered that I could get Anastasia Beverly Hills in Denmark. I remember seeing something about the brand on TV when I was a teenager and thinking ?Oh lord this woman can do magic for my brows!? Since then I always wanted to try out her products, and I’d love visit her brow salon in Berverly Hills, because my brows have always needed help.

What?s different about this brand from other brands doing brow products is that here we have a range only (well almost only) focusing on brows. This means that no matter how taupe or ash your brow color is you’ll find a mach that looks natural. The selection of colors and formulas is so big that you can be sure to find a match for your needs.

Being a pro makeup artist I especially dig the ?Brow Pro Palette? you see on the picture above. In this I have every brow color I need with eleven duo shades which really adds up to 22 differet shades!- And a brow primer to use before applying the color. I use this Pallet all the time with the brush that has a spiral brush and an angled brush in each end, -seriously why haven’t I had a brush like this before?!- it’s so good!

Anastasia Beverly Hills also makes a few makeup products which are not for brows and I?ve already ordered a contouring pallet I can’t wait to get my hands on!

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XX Marie

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