Just out of bed morning hair and my new tattoo the first day after having it done and still healing.

On Monday I had a new tattoo done, by the very talented and busy tattoo artist Tim Klamer, who works at the famous tattoo parlour Le Fix City Tattoo.


Tim has done three of my tattoos already and he always makes me feel comfortable, relaxed and not nervous at all about getting tattooed. I trust him, he let’s me know if he thinks my ideas are bad, won’t suit me or my personality, he’s very honest and cares about his customers.


The original drawing made by Viola, there I also have a christmas tree and an angel over me.

I had a drawing made by my 5 year old daughter tattooed on the back of my arm. The woman on the drawing is me, I carry a handbag in one hand and a bonbon in the other, I have a heart on the belly and she has written mum, -Mor in Danish backwards so it spells Rum. I love it!

See more of Tim’s work on his instagram: timklamer, and go to the Le Fix City website to book an appointment.

Have a super Saturday!

XX Marie

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