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I have a little crush on Danish blogger Marie Jedig, she’s the sweetest most down to earth, sincere girl I’ve meet in a long time. She’s also super sexy and fun loving and I love that it shows on her instagram and blog. I had a little chat with Marie about her blog and her beauty tips. Enjoy and go check out her blog!

XX Marie

Q:How?did you become a?blogger?

A:I come from a small town where my interest in fashion wasn’t exactly shared – so I found a lot of inspiration online myself. One day, about 7 years ago, I started my own blog, and 4 years ago I decided to start “” as a more personal and ambitious project.

Q:What?advice would you give another young entrepreneur?

A:Follow your heart and get ready to WORK! It is insanely hard starting your own business, and especially for someone like me who is uneducated and who does not exactly have entrepreneur blood running though my veins…

Q:Who?are your style icons?

A:I get a lot of inspiration from the women of the streets of Copenhagen. I find it difficult to name only one person ? but if I?m in doubt style-wise or need inspiration I just browse through my old magazines, blogs and Tumblrs, and save the pictures that inspire me.


Q:How?do you take care of your bleached hair?

A:I get it bleached professionally and my hairdresser makes sure to only bleach the roots. I only wash hair two times a week – and I use a ‘Silver shampoo’ every other wash to keep my hair in a cool shade of blonde. I also use hair oil for my split ends. I like a natural hairdo, and happily?I am gifted with natural thick hair with waves – so I almost never use any styling products.

Q:What’s?your secret behind your statement lashes?

A:I always, always use an eyelash curler! It’s my best beauty secret. I use it, put one layer of mascara on, curl again (I know that this is the ultimate beauty-don’t, but it works for me), and then I add lots and lots of mascara! I also sleep with my mascara on sometimes, to get a more lived-in “rock” look.

Q:Would?your share your favorite beauty products with us?

A:I actually never stick to one product, I like to try new products and to test beauty treatments. I buy a new eyelash curler about every month, and I’ve been using H&M’s for years: It’s cheap and gets the job done. For my brows I’m a big fan of eyebrow fixers with color like Maybelline Brow Drama, it gives a natural and easily made perfect brow-illusion. Lip Cure from Tromborg does wonders for my dry lips,- especially at wintertime!


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