The look at Tom Ford ss15 WE LOVE!!!!! This is just the sexist hair ever!

As you might know I work a lot with Mette Thorsgaard, She’s one of the leading hairstylists in Scandinavia, and I asked her what her favorite hair looks from the Spring Summer15 shows were. I also asked her to pair them with a key hairstyling product you could use to create the looks at home. Here’s her answers:

Balmain – I love this look, – tight and simple back-slick with a rough and shiny structure.


AA2X0570Steal the look: Distribute Mascobado Gel from Less is More evenly in the hair and then comb the hair back with a wide-toothed comb e.i. Rake Comb C7 from Mason Pearson.


Marc by Marc Jacobs – Up-do in an effortless and funky way. My favorite detail is the spiky ends in the front.


DSC_0085Steal the look: Start of by making 3 ponytails on the top of the head. Twist the ponytails and distribute Lime Soufflé from Less is More in the hair one at the time. Keep going til the hair has twisted into a knot, secure the knot with hair pins and finish of with Thyme Lacque from Less is More for hold and shine.


3.1 Phillip Lim – I like the controlled mess in this style and the messy knot in the back. It’s sculptured into perfect shapes.



_ARC0062Steal the look: Distribute L’oreal Super Dust in the hair to create a lot of structure and hold. Then tie the hair with a clear elastic band like Blax very low on the neck and use hair pins to secure the knot if you have to.

Tom Ford – This look is so rock’n’roll and undone. I LOVE IT! Even though it’s wigs it looks amazing.

GBR_2087Steal the look: Allright, the haircut is of course essential for this hairstyle, so you’ll need to visit the hairdressers if you want the exact look. But you can get the structure by adding a volume product or a salt water spray, I like ‘Chitin Spray’ from Less is More. Distribute the product into the hair, then blow dry your hair with your head downwards for extra volume from the roots and out. Finish the look with Oribe ‘Dry Texturizing spray’ to create structure and achive the sexy mat look.


Here’s a picture of the woman herself, miss Mette and I having a well deserved drink after work in Ibiza.

I hope you enjoyed all the great tips and inspiration from this super hairstylist, I personally find her very inspiring and love her work! You can read about Mette’s fave highstreet products here.

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