Today I’m taking you down memory lane. Back to 1992 to be more exact whenI was 12 years old.

Everybody’s crushing on the 90s and you guys know I’m right there too (I never really left the 90s)! I grew up with MTV and I was so fascinated by this George Michael ‘Too Funky’  video. All the fashion, drama and sex. All the top models in outrages outfits designed by Therry Mugler (who also directed the video btw),  giving it all they have on the catwalk.

The ‘Freedom! ’90’ video is fab too with beautiful moonlight setting and just too many beauties on one place at the same time. It’s to die for!!! Turn up the volume and enjoy Linda, Nadia, Tyra, Naomi, Christie, Cindy, all the girls and the whole shamazing setup,- I know I will.

XX Marie

-Oh btw check out the extended version of Too Funky further down. I totally remember watching this as a kid and LOVING this rare video (even more drama then in the normal length video) and if you really wanna be a ‘Too Funky’ nerd, watch ‘the making of’ too,-it’s mostly in French though and genuine 90’s quality.


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