Søren Hedegaard is THE Godfather of makeup artists in Denmark. He has been in the industry since day one. He’s the personal makeup artist of HRH Crown Princess Mary, has made an endless number of campaigns, fashion stories, films etc. and I was the luckiest girl to assist him when I first moved to Copenhagen to become a makeup artist myself. I asked Søren to share his best tip to get a neat hairdo in no time and here’s what he answered:

I think a young woman can get along with almost any hairstyle when it comes to an easy updo, as long as she feels comfortable – It’s a matter of temper and occasion.

1. In the styling proces I will suggest my client to use a hairpowder or a dry shampoo to texturise the hair, before chosing the final style.

2. Make sure to brush the hair thoroughly with at soft brush e.g Mason Pearson Nylon and Boar, to make sure that the texturiser is evenly distributed.

3. Make a finger brushed high, loose, braided ponytail and pull the hair half way through the elastic band to create a loose chignon.

4. Leave the ends sticking out as if it was leaves on a flowerstalk. Decorate with Orchids, Calla lillies or feathers suiting the occasion and the total look.

You can a find this post in danish here on Fashion-Post.dk.

XX Marie

Skærmbillede 2014-11-04 kl. 11.42.17

Mason Pearson Nylon & Boar Bristle brush and Redken Powder Grip.


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