This is a little ‘home video test’ I thought was fun to make as I have to start making videos for Fashion Post Denmark soon. I asked my friend Maria to be my model while doing this crazy fast (in real life too of course) smokey eye. We’re at my house, I’m having friends over for dinner, the roast is in the own and there’s kids there too, so it was all done it the middle of everything and without much light. But you’ll get the point, which is to show how fast and easy you can create a sexy smokey eye with just two products the ‘Master Smoky Shadow Pencil’ from Maybelline and some Mascara.

foto 2

I really like the color ‘smoky chocolate’ from the Master Smoky shadow pencil collection from Maybelline, I like to use it on my self too, it’s so easy to use and makes a big impact in no time. I also used Volume Million Lashes ‘so couture’ in black from L’oreal Paris.

You just line all around the eyes including the water lines and in between the lashes. Then blend outwards using a blending brush like the ‘217’ from Mac (that’s the one I’m using in the video) or the spongy smudger at the end of the pencil. Finish off with mascara. It takes less than 5 minutes and you’re ready to go!

You can get the Master smoky shadow pencil here .

XX Marie

Ps I’m aware of the spelling mistake in the video, can’t win every time (and then a winky smiley or something like that).


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