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Beautiful Joan Smalls is one of the top ranked models in the world, here backstage for the H&M catalog Anne worked on.

My dear colleague Anne Staunsager recently shot the fall catalog for H&M in New York with some of the biggest model names in the industry.- Pretty exiting stuff! I asked Anne if she would take a few behind the scenes pictures and write a little something about her days on the job for marieandthemakeup, and luckily she said yes!

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The team working with Karlie Kloss on set, of course by-passers stopped to watch the charade, Anne is the redhead on the right.

Shooting the H&M catalog in N.Y. I was so lucky to work with quite a bunch of sweet and funny models, including Joan Smalls, Edita, Karlie Kloss and Lily Aldridge. They were all really down to earth and such a joy to work with, it was just a great experience, specially because I got to see amazing pieces of sacred geometry inspired clothes.

We shoot the campaigns in Brooklyn just across from Manhattan and obviously we used the beautiful Manhattan skyline as background on some of the pictures. Everyday we began in the makeup, hair and styling bus which was big enough to fit all the clothes and everything!- Bigger than the ones we’re used to in Copenhagen I must say.

One of the models I really enjoyed working with was Karlie Kloss. Karlie is absolutely stunning and such a lovely girl as well. She told me about her new charity cookies she calls Karlies Kookies. They are gluten and dairy-free and the proceedings goes to feeding children that are under-fed in New York City through FEED Projects. She brought them along for us to taste – and they are absolutely delicious!

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Karlie with her yummy Karlies Kookies!

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Lily Aldridge, what a pretty face!


Joan Smalls in the finished catalog.


One more from the catalog with Karlie Kloss in beautiful New York!

Anne also made a little post for us on what and where she spends her time when she’s off duty off in N.Y. read that post here .

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