8d1f335bdeda15f22434d77697851878This weekend there’s a music and arts festival going on in Copenhagen called Trailer park (read about it here) and I’m going YAY! People who know me knows that I love everything a bit ghetto. I personally don’t wear much more than cut off’s (denim shorts) tee’s or tanks and a pair of Minnetongas during summer and that’s what I’ll be wearing at this weekend too. WELL this isn’t a fashion blog but when I get inspired for a fashion story or campaign I want to feel the whole vibe and mood of what ever it is that I want to catch a glimpse of,- and bring into the shoot by creating the right makeup or hair. I hope to make a nice trailer park inspired story soon. Screen+shot+2012-05-08+at+12.12.39+AM Image-and-video-hosting-by-TinyPic-4 britt-maren8_1 b6c41effe22b5e5ed4d1e9278e130202 amy1000

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