Maria on the cover of Elle Magazine

Maria’s latest cover for Elle Magazine which we shot in Marrakech read more about that here.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with Maria Palm again, one of my favorite Danish models. She looks amazing with AND without makeup. She has the kind of face where you just can’t go wrong when doing her makeup. What’s more important she has the best personality, she’s really just a down to earth, fun, no nonsens girl with interesting views and geeky interests which I really dig.

Maria agreed to share a little beauty tips and things with us on the blog ,-so here we go:

-What’s your favorite place on earth?
Up north of Copenhagen where my parents live. It’s green, beautiful and filled with love. There I feel relaxed, safe and free.
-How do you take care of your skin?
The magic threesome; water, sleep and fresh air. I never wear makeup when I’m off work and I keep my skin moist and hydrated.
-What’s been your most memorable job as a model?
Shooting the Marc by Marc campaign with Juergen Teller at the Chelsea piers and shooting a diesel campaign with Mert and Marcus in rainy London.
Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign shot by Juergen Teller

Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign by Juergen Teller.

Diesel campaign by Mert and Marcus.

 –Name 3 beauty products you can?t live without and why.

Matas daycream – it’s always just been perfect for my skin, and I can’t stand dry skin, -my worst fear is to go out of town without that one!

Elizabeth Arden 8hour cream,- dry lips or just dry anything – best fix ever!
YSL touch éclat – for dark and tired days (and dark circles under the eyes,-red).
Marias beauty must-haves

Maria’s beauty must-haves

-Who’s your beauty/Fashion Icons?
Audrey Hepburn for beauty, and Jane Birkin for fashion.
JoinedPhotos-How will you spend your summer ,-and what  your best summer beauty secret?
I will be spending my summer at Roskilde festival, Denmarks biggest music festival and also go to Spain. Finally I’ll also be relaxing at my beach house in Denmark with some good company.

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