Khloe-Kardashian-Bring-Back-Our-Girls-7-580x575Dear readers, now I know this has got nothing to do with beauty or fashion or anything like what I usually post about, but THIS is much more important and it fucking breaks my heart that these little girls are still being kidnapped!!! Today is Mothers day, and as a mum I ask you to please go to the website of The White House here and send a letter of petition,- I promise it only takes 60 seconds just copy paste below, see what else you can do on


Dear [name of leader],

230 School girls were kidnapped from their dormitory by the terrorist group Boko Haram. These girls were studying for their exams and in the middle of the night armed men ripped them from their beds. Educating girls will save the world and now we must save these girls. The future of Nigeria depends on the rescue of all of these girls and the stabilization of the country.

Please Rescue the 230 School girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria

[Your name]

Thank you darlings! And remember to spread the love.


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