Here I’m basically just explaining about the liner trick in Elle back in December, -it’s just in Danish..

This is THE eyeliner trick to know if you love a big sexy liner but are having trouble getting it perfect.

Last December I had a beauty story featured in Danish Elle magazine (see the story here) where I had made a real statement liner, on that occasion Elle asked me to share at makeup secret/tip with the readers which I want to share with you guys too because making a statement eyeliner can be difficult, and getting the lines even and super sharp can be a real struggle. There are so many brands and each one tells you it is more easy than the last one, but you still can’t make it happen, here you will find the best eyeliner for beginners and the best way to use it.

All right, here we go: Tape a piece of skin tape (I get mine at the pharmacy) from the outer corner of the eye upwards in the exact angle you want your liner. Then draw your liner as usual across the lid and then as far up along the tape as you like and make it as wide as you like. -I personally love a big sexy 60’s inspired liner. When you’re done and the gel or cream liner has dried you softly remove the tape starting from the bottom and up and VOILA you have a dead straight liner!!! I kid you not it’s so easy and the result comes out perfect!

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I use the thin M3 Micropore tape like this one from the pharmacy.


Fluid liner from Mac is my absolute favorite because it doesn’t rub off you can work with for a while without it starts flaking.

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I usually use the 263 angled brush from Mac when making a liner (I just didn’t have a picture but it looks pretty much like the 266 just thinner).

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