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A laid back beauty editor on a get-away with the fiance.

As some of you might have red in my previous post Bye for now Israel I was on a trip to Tel Aviv recently to shoot a couple of fashion stories for Danish magazine Eurowoman. I took the opportunity to ask fashion director Gertrud Maria Bønnelykke what beauty products she always brings with her when traveling abroad,-here’s what she said:

I love my sun protection from La Prairie spf 30 because it’s easy to apply without leaving my skin with a “white” film, it’s moisturizing and it doesn’t mess up my skin like some other sun lotions I have tried that caused impurities. Simply the best I have tried on the marked so far.

Because my hair usually is quite dry and dehydrated it needs ALL the moisture it can get, so my Moroccan Oil is an absolute must when I travel,- it nourishes my hair and ads lots of beautiful shine, leaving my hair much more healthy looking and feeling fab! (This one is not on the picture unfortunately it stayed at the hotel, -Marie)

The lip balm I always bring with me is from the Swedish brand Oriflame. It has a subtle scent of almond and keeps my lips soft and moisturized leaving them with a tiny bit of shine.- You’ll always find this one in my bag!

I don’t really use much makeup on an everyday basis and even less when I’m out traveling, but when the evening comes and I’m going out for dinner or other fun stuff then mascara is my best friend! My favorite mascara is from YSL not only does it look stunning in the packaging it also works wonders for my lashes and leaves them with a beautiful natural finish.

I think my serum from Beaute’ Pacifique is THE BEST, it’s super gentle, has a mild scent and always gives my skin the moisture it needs – especially after a long day at the beach, which I feel is very tough on my skin, Then this serum definitely is my rescue recovery.

When abroad I don’t really like to wash my hair too often because the different kinds of water leaves my hair with a different texture. Here’s where my dry shampoo from Kloraine is an absolute must when I pack my suitcase!

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Gertruds beauty essentials that she always brings for her travels – both business and pleasure!

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Me and Gertrud from our trip  to Tel Aviv.


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