gucci 7

The look at gucci was very true to the period with long lashes on top and bottom and an elongated eye with extended eyeliner, here on topmodel Sigrid Agren.

By Anastasia Hess

The 60s look seems to have become a staple at fashion week lately where you see lots of references with enhanced spidery lashes, black liner, cut crease and nude lips – this season is no exception.

You always see the makeup artist trying out different ways of reinventing the decade. This year it was done with an edge of rock’n’roll at Yves Saint Laurent and Prada. And in a very feminine and beautifying way at Gucci and Rochas. It’s one of my favorite periods and this really makes me wanna go out and rock some false lashes both on the top and bottom lash line!

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prada 8

At Prada the look was super edgy with cool spider lashes made by layer upon layer of mascara!

rochas 8

The models at Rochas looked super pretty with all emphasis on the eye lashes

marc jacobs 2

Marc Jacobs had another take on the 60s look with the cut crease which is typical for the time, here it was done in a plum burgundy colour matching the blunt bob hair style

gucci 5

Another one from Gucci – I love the eye shape and the brows!

saint laurent 2

Another rock’n’roll 60s look was at Yves Saint Laurent with black eyelids, heavy bottom lashes and pale skin

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