Two new magazines just arrived in my post box, neat!

My job as a makeup artist requires me to always keep updated with what is going on fashion and beauty wise on the international fashion scene. I do this by researching on the internet where I especially like for shows and news. And I have a subscription on Vogue Paris and Italian Vogue so I get the magazines straight to my door every month! This makes it really easy for me and I don’t have to remember to go to the newsstand every time a new magazine comes out. Subscribing also saves me quite a bit of money as international magazines are quite expensive in Denmark because of extra “magazine tax”. If you, like me don’t speak French or Italian you might need some help if you want to subscribe because there is nothing in English on the subscription pages,- lucky for me my agent is Italian so he takes care of it but other wise Google translate could probably do the job. My favorite of the two is definitely Vogue Paris. I’m also considering subscribing to ID which I find more artzy and underground.

Here is a link to Vogue Paris’ subscribtion page

And here is one for Italian Vogue

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