I was so happy to finally work with model Josephine Skriver again who I haven’t seen in a while, on this 90’s inspired fashion story and cover for Costume magazine. I knew this day would be great because working with Josephine is always a pleasure, that girl is just pure good energy.

I have known Josephine since she started modelling and I tell you she was the sweetest young girl and she still is, you simply can’t help but like her. Back when she started she was always playing football I remember, I think she was even playing pro, she was a real cute and beautiful tomboy. Josephine is one of our most successful models from Denmark at the moment and she is working on huge productions like Victoria’s Secret shows (and a whole lot of other shows), shooting covers for Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, campaigns for YSL beauty and Mac Cosmetics among many others. When we did this story we talked about life, family and my blog of course, and Josephine said that she would love to contribute with a few tips from her world of modelling and boy would I love that! So stay tuned. For now please enjoy this cool story shot by Dennis Stenild, styled by Maiken Winther the fashion editor of Costume Magazine,  hair by Lasse Pedersen and makeup by me of course.

Screenshot 2014-02-27 13.00.20Screenshot 2014-02-27 13.04.42

Screenshot-2014-02-27-13.01.17Screenshot 2014-02-27 13.02.56


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