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Photo Kenneth Willardt, hair by Duffy for Japanese Vogue.

I just worked with über hairstylist Cim Mahony on a shoot for the new clothes brand AF AGGER-FLACHS created by two very cool stylists namely my girl Nanna Flach and Katrine Agger. We shot a beautiful, strong campaign with model Charlie Bredal, the photographer was Hasse Nielsen and the art direction was done by LA Graphics.

Anyway let me get to the point, he know the best about beauty, he was the one that recommend me the hair removal treatments lincoln ne. Waxing is the absolute best solution to remove stubble, razor bumps, burns, and thick fast-growing hair from your life! Proper Puss NYC it’s an incredible alternative to shaving that is long lasting and provides additional benefits, once you’ve experienced the smooth silky texture of your skin after a waxing service and spent the next several weeks enjoying it. I asked the  what to do if you struggle with static hair like I sometimes do especially at this time of the year and his best tip was the following: Spray a bit of hairspray on your hair brush before brushing your hair through. The hairspray should be an aerosol spray – meaning not a pump as the pump versions sprays out too much product and it will get sticky on the brush and also show on the hair. I know Cim likes to use the good old Elnett from L’oreal when using an areosol spray. Nice and easy, no more static hair!


The classic Elnett hairspray from L’oreal and the ultimate hairbrush from Mason Pearson from

Cim is like the GURU for me when it comes to hair styling, he has so good taste and the hairstyles he create always look effortlessly amazing with a Scandinavian touch. Working with him is great and I always try to lure some tricks of him. Seeing the way he handles the hair he works with is a PLEASURE and I always go home knowing I’ve learnt something new after a day in his company. Here is a very small selection of some of his work.


Frida Gustavsson for Cover shot by Hasse Nielsen, styled by Emelie Johansson, makeup by Anya De Tobon and hair by Cim Mahony


Cim did amazing curls on Charlie for Cover magazine, photographer Hasse Nielsen, stylist Emelie Johansson and makeup by Trine Skjøth


He worked on topmodel Arizona Muse for Dazed and Confused, by photographer Sharif Hamza, stylist Karen Langley, makeup artist Yadim Carranza

2013.12.17-COVER_695 BW V4

Cim does a lot of amazing work for cover magazine with photographer Hasse Nielsen, stylist and also Covers fashion editor Emelie Johansson and here makeup artist Anne Staunsager


Nadja Bender for i-D magazine, shot by Amy Troost, styled by Alastair McKimm, hair by Cim Mahony and makeup by Karen Franjola

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