Alexandra Carl styled the cover for Danish Elle with top model Caroline Brasch shot by Oliver Stalmans


Alexandra Carl herself looking lovely on this picture I snapped from her Instagram (alexcarl).

Alexandra Carl freelance stylist represented by Scoop Models in Denmark, fashion editor at RIKA magazine, model and student at Goldsmiths University in London where she studies Media psychology and Sociology, based in London but traveling back and forth like a pendulum between Copenhagen and London has agreed on answering a few questions for the blog. I first worked with Alexandra years ago when she was still a teenager, even back then she blew me away with her passion for the fashion business, engagement and never failing spirit – and she really have reached far. It is always a pleasure working with her and I am very happy that she took her time to contribute to the blog as I know she is an extremely busy girl. Thank you sweetheart!

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She worked with photographer Olivia Frolich for VS magazine, here’s the model wearing Meadham Kirchoff


Alexandra is styling the campaigns for designer Anne Sofie Madsen, here’s SS14 with super successful model Juliane Grüner shot by Jens Langkjaer

Now going into spring what are the 3 biggest fashion trends you’ll be following?

Monochrome with sporty reference – I love layering and I think for summer we can layer up with sporty fabrics despite the hot weather. Celine and Donna Karen showed this with amazing sporty references so even though I usually prefer rock’n’roll I have fallen in love with these light layers and sporty sandals. From Danish designers Wood Wood have done some epic biker shorts.

Western – Valentino and not at least Isabel Marant did gorgeous soft leather pants you know you will wear for MONTHS and never take them off again.

90s – I love the whole nothingness/less-is-more inspired by classic Calvin Klein.


Sporty clothes on the Celine runway for SS14


Alexandra would love to wear soft leather pants every day for spring/summer like these from Isabel Marant

Where do you find your inspiration for your job as a stylist?

Everywhere! But mostly film and art (I studied for 3 years in high school) – and a great deal of inspiration comes from performance and dance since I did ballet for 12 years it’s a very big part of me. Also Instagram has become an amazing source of inspiration since you somehow get the most incredible pictures from all sorts of people coming up from time to time which generates new thoughts and ideas in my head.

Name your 3 favorite clothing stores or vintage boutiques in London I have to visit next time I go?

Beyond Retro is a classic! Always great gems.The Vintage Emporium – not for impulsive shopping but incredible inspiration from a lost time.
East End Thrift Store – cheap and chic!


Only campaign Alexandra Carl did with American model Jessica Hart


Another beautiful picture Alexandra did with photographer Olivia Frolich for VS magazine


Alexandra also work as a fashion editor for the bi-annual magazine RIKA, here she has styled the cover of issue #9

What’s your favorite place in London to go out for dinner, and your favorite fancy restaurant?

For a good everyday dinner got to Floyd’s on Schakelwell Lane. It’s beautiful food, very fresh and delicate – I think the place has a very rustic Scandinavian vibe and it’s super intimate and COSY.
For fancy meals go to Bethnal Green Townhall “Corner Room”

And where should I go for a nice cup of coffee?

Allpress just around the corner from my house. It is THE BEST coffee in town, and believe me I’ve done my research well haha.


I LOVE this picture Alexandra did for VS magazine photographed by Olivia Frolich


I did this summer editorial with Alexandra and Olivia Frolich for the July issue of Danish Elle

Let me in on your best beauty secret?

It sounds like a weird one but really, my best secret is vaseline! I use it to remove my eye makeup and it moisturize my eyes and doesn’t make them dry and sore in the morning. It’s a tip I got from my grandmother who always used it – she even applied it on her face and didn’t have a wrinkle until she was 55! My mother has always done the same. I can’t use it on my face but on the eyes it’s just perfect. And then it’s cheap too.

And what is your 3 must-haves in your makeup bag?

Avene Thermal Spray (they also do the BEST skincare without parabenes)
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
Brow Fix Gel from Mac


Avene Thermal Spray, Mac Brow Fix Gel and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer


From the “In Bloom” editorial for Costume Alexandra styled


A more provocative picture from RIKA magazine

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