Mette Thorsgaard is a super talented and  successful hair stylist represented by  Unique Creatives in Copenhagen and Lund Lund in Stockholm. She’s also head of L’oreal Professionel’s hairstyling team during Copenhagen Fashion Week. I’ve had the great pleasure of working together with Mette many many times and we make a great team! She is always energetic, passionate and great to be around. Apart from loving her job, she is also an active sports person doing Yoga, Running, Boxing, Pilates e.c.t. leading a  healthy lifestyle in general which I find really annoying (because I’m not the least bit as active as Mette).

Mette took the time to answer some questions for the blog, -thank you darling! Enjoy I’m sure you can get a tip or two from this pro!


Mette Thorsgaard worked with photographer Hasse Nielsen and makeup artist Anya de Tobon on this ‘Wildflowers’ beauty, here it’s models Nadja Bender and Juliane Grüner


Photographer Andreas Öhlund, model Lou, stylist Emelie Johansson makeup artist Trine Skjoedt and hair by Mette Thorsgaard in Cover Magazine December 2013


Mette did the hair on Caroline Brasch for the cover of danish, photographed by Oliver Stalmans, styling by Dorothea Gundtoft, makeup by Sidsel Marie Boeg

What?s your best tips to get ready to go out in 5 minutes hair wise?
I like when hair looks a bit undone. The best tip for quick yummy hair must be: Take large sections of your hair, curl it around a big (very important it’s big) curling iron. I prefer cloud 9’s waving wand, it’s without the clip thing, and their styling wand is also super easy to use, this is just to make some structure and a bit of wave. Keep the hair around the wand in 10 sec.  Afterwards you can either brush it through with a Mason Pearson brush, to make it more simple and airy, which i like – or put your head down between your legs, and add some matte structure wax, I like Lime Soufflé from Less is More, rub it into the roots while having your head down. It gives a nice casual volume, -the ?beach hair’ look.

cara girl next door look

Cara Delevigne on the cover of Vogue UK in January 2014 by Alasdair McLellan


When your hair needs some extra care or just a bit of spoiling what do you like to do?
To spoil my blond hair I once in a while use L’oreal Chroma Care Violine. It takes out the yellow shade in my hair, and adds a nice cold silver tone! And I only wash my hair once a week!
My hair is resistant and really easy to take care of.


Who would you say you have hair envy towards?
Top model Daria Werbowy. Almost every time i get a mood board (inspiration pictures) before a shoot there is a picture of her hair as part of the hair inspiration. Her hair is completely awesome.


Daria Werbowy in the Isabel Marant for H&M campaign fall 2013 shot by Karim Sadli

daria werbowy

Daria from Vogue Paris back in November 2012 photographed by Inez and Vinoodh

Can you let us in on hair trends at the moment that you favor?
Right know I have a crush on Courtney Love’s hair. She’s part of the Saint Laurent Paris campaign which is titled ?The Saint Laurent music project?.
I love the long bangs, it looks a bit undone but still chic! The length is just around the shoulders and upper breast. The new ?short? long hair is the way to go right know. I?m a huge fan!


Courtney Love shot by Jan Welters for Elle UK in January 2009


Another one of Courtney for Elle by Jan Welters


Courtney Love in the Saint Laurent Music Project campaign shot by Hedi Slimane

Can you recommend anything to put in your diet to make your hair more lush, healthy, strong and shiny?
A healthy life style is the way to keep your hair, skin and mind strong and shiny. Water, vitamins (B and fish oil is specially good for your hair), healthy and varied food and workout! Bla bla bla yes i know,  but it works!!!

Top 3 tools and product and a short explanation why:

My indispensable work essentials:

My new Parlux blowdryer? why? -cause i?m addicted to awesome hair tools! -And this one is really really nice and make my day at work SO much easier!

My Mason Pearson hairbrushes do not only brush the hair: They stimulate the scalp, makes the scalp feel healthy. It also cleans the hair, and make the hair more shiny ’cause the brushing takes the sebum (natural oil) from the scalp along to the length of the hair. Once you get a Mason Pearson, you never go back to other brushes.

LESS IS MORE Lime Soufflé . This product is my first choice when i want to create “the undone” look. It gives the sought after ?beach hair’ look. Based on organic essences, a mix of lemon, lime, honey, coconut and vanilla – makes this awesome product smell like the best ever. It?s the lovely ‘salty beach spray’  in a cream/gel version. Yummy!



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