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Styling products from Less is More for hold, protection and texture.

It’s Sunday and I am going to give my hair a styling treat with my new Less is More products, I’ve used a volume shampoo and conditioner from this brand for a while and now it’s time to try out the styling range.

I work together with some of the ultimately best hair stylists in Denmark and a lot of them are using styling products from the organic holistic brand “Less is More”, and every time I stand next to them on a shoot I always have to ask “What is that amazing smell?!” And the answer is always “Less is More”. When they use them it feels like you are walking into a holistic therapeutic spa and you just want to stand close to them and breathe in those relaxing oils! Now it’s my turn to try the styling range, and boy am I looking forward to that! Not just because of the heavenly smells from the essential oils but I have seen the beautiful hairstyles that these professionals have created using the products. And I am very happy with the fact that they use certified organic, biodegradable ingredients and are very concerned with respecting the environment as well as the consumer.

The products are also free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, dyes and polymers; silicones and paraffins, petrochemicals, PEG and PPG, parabens, sulfates, glycols, ethanolamines, phtalates etc. I must say I am not an expert on these terms but I am pretty sure that keeping these to a minimum is a very good idea. Now I just need to get started using them!

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Rose serum for shine and nourishment, Honey wax for hold and shine

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Styling products for smoothing, volume, nourishment and definition.

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