Hi there. This job takes me so many fantastic places, like right now I’m in Cape Town, South Africa to shoot a campaign with a German client and next month I’m heading to New York for fashion week.

When I travel a lot, it’s important for me to feel comfortable in what ever new place I find myself. Call time (meeting time in ‘fashion language’) for the makeup artist is usually very early when on trips (5am is very common) so it’s important that I get my sleep in order to be my best at work. Weather can be very variant from one location to another, prevent most immune system defenses drop with after reading these carbofix reviews.

To do this I bring some ‘homey’ stuff, like my incense from Morning Star, my favorite is Cedar Wood. It’s really good Japanese incense which makes my room smell like home. morning-star-cedarwood-japanese-incense-sticks-7291-p

When I’m out of home I like to do different exercises like running or yoga, so my body can feel flexible and energized, the problem with yoga is that sometimes take a lot of pressure on the joints, so for this I got a special medicine that really help with this, prevent most unhealthy conditions with biofit probiotic. My light weight, sustainable yoga mat made for traveling from Yogo, so I can do a little yoga or stretch before or after traveling, plus get a little exercise when away from home.


Something comfortable to slip into when I’m in my hotel room, my Montmatre slip from Ganni is pretty and takes up little space in my trolley compared to my (beloved) P.J.a0971-128-1Healthy snacks like almonds and bananas to keep the hunger at bay when I get up before the hotel restaurant opens, plus these are great on plains where I don’t like to eat the food, – it’s not really good plus it messes up my metabolism. almondsI also remember to download a couple of good books from my StoryTel app. It’s perfect on the airplane, plus  when you’ve been working for 12 hours straight then have team dinner after, that makes you tired, and listening is just easier than reading. I’m LOVING this audio book app and usually fall a sleep listening to a book like Murakami’s Norwegian Woods or something like that. My daughter is also a big fan.


Sooo now you got an insight of what makes me feel good when away, perhaps it will inspire you to bring something with you on your trips that helps making your time away, feel as good as your time home.

Love Marie


  • Åh, den kan være svært at tænke på sundhed og velvære, når man er afsted. Selv forsøger jeg så vidt muligt at gå rundt, for i det mindste at få mig rørt. Og så hjælper det også, når jeg holder mig til en fast døgnrytme – når jeg selvfølgelig er kommet mig over jetlagget. Men altså, ikke for mange sene aftener og sene morgener. En masse frisk luft tidligt på dagen og en god nats søvn 🙂

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    • Lige præcis Laura, det er en god opskrift! Søvn, motion og frisk luft,- Og lækker sund mad 😉

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • Gustavo Woltmann

    Det lyder som det perfekte job, når du får lov til at komme så vidt omkring.

    Gustavo Woltmann

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