The front cover of the book shows a naked Kate Moss from January 1995

Hi! I’ll start out with a quick introduction of myself, I’m Marie’s assistant Anastasia Hess and will also be writing here on our blog baby 🙂 I’m 23 and was trained in makeup in London almost two years ago where I also stayed and worked for a while. But now I’m back in Copenhagen to work and loving it.

The book I will write about on my first official blog post is one of my favorite books, is about covers for Vogue, the magazine which has had some of the most iconic covers of all time, this is images that will stay with you and inspire you for a whole carrier. It’s all in the small details for me and as the editor of the book Robin Derrick writes “I can plan out the mundane aspects of the cover so they work on paper, but it’s always the smallest detail I have not thought of that makes it great”. That’s an inspiration on it’s own!

There?s nothing better than reading good books on the cold and rainy (potentially snowy) days of winter. The secret is to keep warm inside and light up all the candles you can find to make it extra cozy – and then choose a great book. I love ALL my books and I always wish for more for Christmas and Birthdays, and I often look for inspiration among the ones about fashion and makeup. I can spend hours upon hours!

This book features brilliant selected covers of British Vogue right from when it first launched in 1916 when the covers were adorned by beautiful fashion illustrations, till 2006 where you begin to clearly feel the ?Kate Moss? invasion. I love how you can open this book and instantly get inspired by images created by some of the best photographers, makeup artist, hair stylist, and stylists at the time, and of course featuring some of the most gorgeous (and sometimes half naked) super models. It also gives a great insight in the history and development in fashion where you can clearly see the makeup trend change from the lined and lashy eye of the 60s, to the heavily coloured and glamorous face of the 70s. I personally love the 90s at the moment.

Written by Anastasia Hess.


In the first 20 years Vogue covers was beautiful illustrations like this one by Georges Lepape from Februart 1919


Jean Shrimpton photographed by David Bailey for the June 1965 cover


Bianca Jagger in a glamorous cover from March 1974

Naomi Campbell’s first cover for British vogue in December 1987


Kate Moss with glossy skin and bleached eyebrows in September 2000


Kate Moss from May 2003, with lots of David Bowie reference.


A boyish Kate Moss from September 2006


Kate Moss is still landing cover after cover, here a recent from June 2012 photographed by Mert and Marcus


A recent cover for British vogue shows a fresh-faced and Danish Freja Beha from September 2012


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