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Elle Denmark December 2013

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Elle Denmark December 2013

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Elle Denmark December 2013

I have a silver sparkeling beauty story in the December issue of Elle Denmark. It is shot by talented photographer and homegirl Olivia Frolich who I really enjoy working with and the model is Freja from model management 2pm. We had such a nice time shooting this, we did it at home on a cosy sunday just because we wanted to have a good time and play around. This is the result and I am very pleased with it and I hope you like it too.

The Glitter I have used is bought in a craft shop (Panduro Hobby) you just need something to make it stick, like Vaseline or Mac cosmetics Mixing medium products from their Pro stores. You can use glitter over your normal eyeshadow at the center of the eyelid for instance or on its own as a little detail I hope you feel inspired to maybe dab a little sparkle into your Christmas makeup this year.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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